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human ureter histology slide

histological diagram of transverse section of ureter - click to enlarge the image

Each comprises of three coats
  MUCOSA: Epithelium is of transitional type. The lamina propria consists of dense fibrous connective tissue rich In elastic fibers. No glands are present in it. The mucosa is
thrown into longitudinal folds due to which lumen appears narrower and star-shaped in
transverse section of the organ.
  MUSCULARIS: It is thick and consists of two layers of smooth muscles, which are arranged in a helical manner. The inner layer is longitudinal and outer layer is composed of circularly arranged fibers. Near the lower end of the ureter a third layer of thick longitudinally running muscle fibers is added outer to circular layer. Peristalsis helps to flow the urine towards the bladder. The intravesical part of ureter has only longitudinal muscle layer.
ADVENTITIA: It consists of loose connective tissue containing mainly elastic fibres, blood vessels, nerves and lymphatic vessels.

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