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PATHOLOGY hand made diagrams H&E and deails

acute appendicits and acute cholecystitis detail acute appendicits diagram H&E acute cholecystitis diagram H&E acute myelgenous leukemia diagram H&E adenocarcinoma diagram H&E aneurysm detail atheromatous plaque diagram H&E atherosclerosis detail capillary hemangioma H&E diagram carcinoma thyoid detail cavernous hemangioma H&E CBC detail cervical intraepithelial neoplasm diagram H&E CIN diagram H&E cirrhosis diagram H&E cirrhosis of liver detail clear cell carcinoma diagram H&E colorectal carcinoma detail complete blood examination detail fibroadenoma of breast detail fibroadenoma of breast diagram H&E follicular adenoma H&E granulation tissue detail granulation tissue diagram H&E hemangioma detail hypchromic microcytic anemia H&E diagram hypochromic microcytic anemia detail invasive ductal carcinoma of breast detail invasive ductal carcinoma of breast diagram H&E leiomyoma detail leiomyoma diagram H&E Leukemia detail MNG diagram H&E multinodular goiter diagram H&E papillary carcinoma diagram H&E peripheral blood smear H&E diagram renal cell carcinoma detail TB granuloma detail TB granuloma diagram H&E

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