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Giant cell tumor histopathology slides


Histopathology slides of giant cell tumor.Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Giant cell tumor of the bone is a locally invasive tumor affecting the age group of 25-50 years . On the bone Xrays the tumor gives Soap Bubble Appearance around the epiphyseal ends of the bones.Xray is not diagnostic,  its distinctive.  Histologically the tumor is diagnostic but not characteristic of whether the tumor will metastasize or not. Under the microscope there appear large giant cells with multiple nuclei residing in a spindle cell stroma. These giant cells basically arise from the fusion of these spindle cells .

For Viva Voce:

Knee is the most common site of involvement of Giant Cell Tumor of Bone.

If they metastasize the most common site would be……..lungs !

Also , the Giant cell tumor of tendons exists which is called Nodular Tenosynovitis which has a mixed picture of inflammation and tumorous growth.

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