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Viva questions for Pathology & Histopathology


Viva Question for Pathology & Histopathology are listed below :

  1. Define Carrier
  2. Difference between carrier of HBB and HBC
  3. What is dysgerminoma
  4. Definition of urolithiasis. Give colour, surface, pH and sensititivity of different crystals
  5. What is Meig’s syndrome? Ascities, fibroma and hydrothorax.
  6. Define dysuria
  7. Define occult carcinoma
  8. Prognosis of renal cell carcinoma
  9. Mention the commonest cause of painless haematuria
  10. Mechanism of Hyperlipidemia in nephrotic syndrome
  11. What is desmoplasia
  12. Mention commonest places for metastasis
  13. Define Neoplasia
  14. What is breast mouse (fibroadenoma)
  15. Differentiate between serum and plasma
  16. Differentiate between acute and chronic inflammation
  17. Differentiate between exudate and transudate
  18. Type of ascites in cirrhosis (transudate)
  19. Type of fluid in inflammation (exudate)
  20. What is anuria (no urine in 24 hours)
  21. Causes of renal failure (primary and secondary)
  22. Define metastasis
  23. What is milk alkali syndrome(hypercalcemic syndrome)
  24. Type IV hypersensitivity (TB (montoux test), coccidioidomycosis (spherulin test))
  25. Differentiate between nephritic and nephrotic syndrome
  26. Define uremia
  27. Define azotemia(increased level of creatinine and urea)
  28. Define papilloma
  29. Define polyp
  30. Sites of squamous cell carcinoma
  31. Sites of metaplastic squamous cell carcinoma
  32. What is difference between fibroadenoma and carcinoma of breast
  33. Differentiate between adenomyosis and endometriosis
  34. Define granuloma
  35. Give criteria for granuloma (epitheloid cells)
  36. Morphology of hepatitis C
  37. Morphology of HBB
  38. What is the difference chronic active and chronic persistent Hep.(enzymes)
  39. What is Stein leventhal syndrome
  40. What is hepatoblastoma
  41. Define dysplasia
  42. Which carcinoma which doesn’t metastasize (basal cell carcinoma)
  43. Osteoclastoma type of cells (giant cells and mononuclear stromal cells)
  44. Which are malignant cells in the cell population of osteoclastoma (mononuclear cells)
  45. Differentiate between hypertrophy and hyperplasia
  46. Differentiate between atrophy and aplasia
  47. Functions of liver
  48. Functions of kidney
  49. What is sterile pyuria(no detectable microbes but pus cells are present eg. TB and prior antibiotic therapy, gram negative organisms)
  50. Difference between Hodgkins and NHL
  51. Types of granuloms (caseating, non-caseating, foreign body, necrotizing)
  52. Where does caseating granuloma appear (most common TB and fungal)
  53. Where does non-caseating granuloma appear (sarcoidosis, Crohn’s disease)
  54. Define menorrhagia
  55. What is dysfunctional uterine bleeding
  56. Differentiate between epitheloid and epithelial cells
  57. Types of leiomyoma
  58. Sites of leiomyoma (GIT, uterus)
  59. Classify tumours
  60. Give differences between benign and malignant tumours
  61. Normal urea level in urine
  62. How will you collect urine samples in 24 hours.
  63. Lab diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia
  64. Define inflammation


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