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A guide to use pcbway - get your printed circuit boards manufactured by online portal

Pcbway is a Chinese online website that accepts gerber files for any printed circuit board that you have designed yourself such that they make a fully functional printed circuit board out of it and also offer assembling of components on the printed circuit board

The procedure is simple you make account on PCB way upload the gerber files and within 24 hours Period there engineer tests your gerber files and response to you if it is possible to print them or not

1 May multi-layered manufacturing of printed circuit board

Once the engineer responds to you positively you may pay to them via aliexpress go to aliexpress and search for PCB way there you will find their official store

Now you can also pay directly to the pcbway website but I recommend using aliexpress

As your payment is confirmed they will start making your printed circuit board which will be manufactured in 3 or 4 days and shipped to you

If you are just starting out at PCB way I recommend that you use their minimum quantity of 10 printed circuit boards two sided that will cost dollar 10 in addition to the shipping which may be up to $10

And do not forget to ask them for $5 discount on your very first order

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