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surma/ lead / KAJAL in baby’s eyes.

photograph for study purposes only.
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lead in kajal
This is a photo of a 4 months old infant.
Mother has used kajal to beautify his eyes.
1). What is the active disease causing agent in it ? What diseases can it cause?
2). Till what age of baby ,mother should be advised to not to use it in baby's eyes ?
3). Mother states that it protects her baby from 'evil eye'. How will you counsel her?

1). Lead in kajal is active agent that causes disease.
Diseases it can causes : irritative conjunctivitis , blockage of nasolacrimal duct (stenosis by irritative chronic inflammation, or by physical blockage) , CNS symptoms including behavioral changes, ecephalopathy, peripheral neuropathies,microcyti hypochromic anemia>> if intoxication is after 2 years of age....If before 2years of age then LOW IQ along with these. . ..These are in Chronic intoxication which is more common. The (rare) acute intoxication causes GIT disturbances which are not associated with our scenario.
2). it is toxic in all age groups as written above. So kajal containing lead should not be used in any age group.
3) Mother should be counselled that , to avoid evil eye, she should use kajal as 'tikka' on her baby's forehead, or cheeks but do not use it in baby's eyes... She can only use it in eyes if LEAD FREE KAJAL is available ..

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