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Tips on building doctor patient relations

The following tips have been developed by American Academy of family physicians division of Medical Education
The steps target the building of doctor patient relationships
Demonstrate to your patients that you understand the situation and feelings by showing empathy during patient interviews
1 seek to minimise distractions and interruptions when visiting with your patients
2 engage in active listening and Concentrate on what the patient is communicating verbally and non verbally
3 be deliberate about the non verbal cues you sent
4 offer concrete feedback when you summarise what you have heard from your responses by saying let me see if I have this right
5 allow the patient to correct or add to your responses until he or she confirms you understanding did I miss anything
Enhance your counselling and listening skills by using a simple 5 step process
Gather information about the context of the patients visit by asking what is going on in your life how do you feel about that what situation troubles you most how are you handling that
Then show understanding by observing that must be very difficult for you this technique is identified by the acronym BATHE which stands for background affect trouble handling and empathy
Be prepared to provide culturally responsive care
Gain a new perspective on your patients by assessing your own biases
Ask about any alternative treatment that the patient may be using
Talk with your patients About lifestyle issues
1 expect resistance to change
2 avoid really listening to the negative effects of your patients actions instead highlight the positive effects a new Lifestyle could bring
3 Allow your patients to express their concerns about changing their behaviours
4 Ask your patience how confident they are that they can change and what will be the most difficult aspect of changing for them
When taking a history and doing physical examination practice writing your notes while entering the patient
Don't just write an order be sure to tell eye that the nurse or clerk what the instructions are
If possible look at your patients X-rays instead of relying on reports
Pay special attention to how your attending or preceptor approaches patient Encounters with difficult people
Keep a patient diary
This private general to document your personal education journey this exercise will allow you to reflect upon what you have learnt and the progress you have made in building doctor patient relationships

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