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OptiCard : fundoscope to use with cellphone camera


Opticard is a fundoscope to use with cell phone camera.
This fundoscope works with and without cell phone !

SMD type LED White Light Source
3 Volt Button Cell CR2032 (Non-Rechargeable) (Replaceable)
ON/OFF Switch with expected 10,000 Cycles Life
Fiber Glass Light Weight Card with Imprint Lamination Printing that practically never Fades.
For details of specification regarding research purposes contact TLABS (

User Instructions

LED turns ON and OFF with the button on OptiCard. LED is attached to the edge of the card . Below LED, there is an aperture for direct fundoscopy. OptiCard may be used with the cell phone camera or retinal examination may be done with naked eye.

As with the use of any other diagnostic instrument, the liability of usage of this device and patients’ safety remains the responsibility of physician.

Technique to use with naked eye:

As the button is moved Up LED turns ON. Patient’s pupil (dilated already with a mydriatic drug) is examined through the aperture of the OptiCard. From a distance of half meter(or closer) red reflex may be seen. Bring the card closer to eye till retinal vessels are visualized and follow them converging to the optic disc. (Fundus is visualized much easily with OptiCard than with traditional direct ophthalmoscope, as the distance between aperture-lightsource-observer’s eye is negligibly small(2mm) as compared to traditional Direct Opthalmoscope where this distance is (>10mm) and hence slight rotation of hand causes light rays to misalign with observer’s eye.)

Technique to use with a cell phone :

To view fundus through a cell phone the upper border of the card (with LED on its edge) is placed close to the cell phone camera aligning it to the center of the camera lens. OptiCard is turned-ON and Camera is turned on in the cell phone and by seeing on LCD , LED is adjusted such that it is just visible through the cell phone LCD (see video at The card may then be secured on the cell phone using sticking tape. Turn-OFF OptiCard. Focus the phone camera to some distant object about 6 feet away. Then turn-ON OptiCard ,and see through patients pupil. (Do not yet zoom) Once fundus/retina is visualized properly, then you can zoom. To use card with a zoomed camera ,it needs good practice. From half a meter distance a dilated pupil is visualized that may show a red reflex on Phone LCD.  Cell phone camera is brought closer to the eye, about an inch away from it and retinal vessels get visualized which may be followed towards the center to visualize the disc. Video or still images may be taken . 

DO NOT LET CONTACT with eye happen.

If the inbuilt camera software of the phone allows ‘manual focus’ , sharpest images may be taken in myopic or hypermetropic patients.

With practice , fundus and retina may be explored through undilated pupils also.

If the OptiCard is attached to silicone cover of cellphone , the cover may be simply detached from the phone , and attached again once needed .

OptiCard attached to cellphone by pieces of sticking tape   

Method to Attach to Cellphone


1. Maintain safe distance with  patient's eye. Do not make contact with the eye of patient. Do not examine for more than 45 seconds in a single go , to give rest to patient’s eye.
2. The device may be kept in wallet ensuring that no contact with liquids comes across. If it comes in contact with water, immediately remove the cell from OptiCard and let it dry.
3.This gadget is not a TOY. It has small parts. Keep it out of reach of children.
4. If any component  of OptiCard is detached or loosely attached to the piece, please do not use the card , as it might cause trauma to patient’s eye. You may contact us to assist you in repair. We’ll respond back in time.
5. Do not recharge the cell.
6. If the device comes in contact with liquids, remove the cell, and let the device air dry . The cell may then be replaced back.

Designed, Invented, Made in Pakistan.
Whenever you need assistance with the Card that you have purchased, there is a web-link on card,
simply go there, and Contact us ! We shall respond positively, always.
Your suggestions are welcomed.
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