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 (This text is intended to be read by those persons who are not doctors and want to understand dengue , if you are a doctor please read this article : A GLIMPSE ON DENGUE FEVER(click here)  

Prevent yourself from the Bite of mosquito and you will not get dengue.

Prevent mosquito from biting a dengue patient, and dengue will not spread from him to other healthy persons.

Kill dengue mosquito by sprays or by flushing all the standing-water around you, and the disease of dengue will be killed forever.

1. Wear full sleeve shirts.
2. Apply mosquito repellents on face/neck/hands/feet/ankles. And encourage its use in school going children.
3. Keep dengue patients in mosquito nets
4. Find places around you where water is standing. Start Search from your house. From kitchen to your lawn flush water where ever you find it standing.
5. Get your lawns sprayed against mosquito. If there’s too much mosquito in your house , get your house sprayed too.
6. Get Electric MOSQUITO Killers for your office and house and install them to the door entrances.
7. Throw away the junk items placed in your home ,in ware houses , etc.
8. Water pooled in tyres at Petrol Pumps should be moved and dried under sun to kill all growing mosquitos.
9. Clean the pots n plates of your pets regularly.
10. Avoid going to swimming pools . Rather encourage that pools be emptied.
11. If you sleep outdoor , Sleep in a mosquito net.
12. Do mosquito killing spray in bathroom daily.Small Pressurized Canisters are available for home use.

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