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 (This text is intended to be read by those persons who are not doctors and want to understand dengue , if you are a doctor please read this article : A GLIMPSE ON DENGUE FEVER(click here)  

Tell all your relatives/friends, that if they get fever or headache in these days , they should avoid DISPRIN or BRUFEN- DO NOT TAKE DISPRINDO NOT TAKE BRUFEN- DO NOT TAKE any medicine on which ASPIRIN is written .
PLEASE NOTE THAT the treatment written here is just for general information purpose and is incomplete. This is NOT the real treatment that you/or other patients need because Treatment Strategy and DRUG DOSES VARY greatly from patient to patient. Patient may also need to be admitted to the hospital.  Please consult your doctor for proper treatment. 

Patient is KEPT in a NET . So that no mosquitoes bite him and thus disease wont progress to other persons. (While the relatives around the patient are advised to apply MOSPEL (or mosquito repellents to their naked body parts).
Panadol is given to the patient to relieve FEVER and BODY PAIN.
Anti-Emetics are given. (This is medicine that stops vomiting)
Medicine to Support Stomach function is given (like “omeprazole”)
Lot of water is mostly advised to patient . ORS is preferred.
>> In other cases , your doctor may advise GIVING PLATELETS TO THE PATIENT
>> Or the doctor may advise GIVING WHOLE BLOOD to the patient.

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