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Classification Of Anti-Tuberculosis Drugs (Pharmacological Classification of AntiTuberculosis Drugs)(Drugs used in Tuberculosis Treatment)Drugs used in treatment of TB

Classification of Anti-Tuberculosis Drugs- Drugs used in Tuberculosis treatment-TB treatment
The Classification of antituberculosis drugs is as follows:
Therapeutic classification of antituberculosis drugs(drugs used in treatment of TB):
First Line Drugs used in Tuberculosis:-
· Isoniazid
· Rifampin
· Ethambutol
· Pyrazinamide
· Streptomycin
Alternative Drugs used in Tuberculosis:-
· Amikacin
· Ciprofloxacin
· Ethionamide
· P-Aminosalicyclic Acid (PAS)
· Capreomycin (limited use because of toxicity)
· Cycloserine(limited use because of toxicity)

Classification of Ant-Tuberculosis Drugs On the basis of chemistry of Drugs :-

Pyridines used in TB: Isoniazid, ethionamide , pyrazinamide

Rifamycins used in TB: Rifampin ,Rifabutin

Diamines used in TB: Ethambutol

Aminoglycosides used in TB: Streptomycin , Amikacin

Other Drugs used in TB: Ciprofloxacin , ofloxacin, aminosalicyclic acid, capreomycin, cycloserine

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