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Histology Of The duct system for the biliary passage

Histology Of The duct system for the biliary passage: The sides of hepatocytes related to sinusoids are referred to as sinusoidal domains while the sides related to other hepatocytes are referred to as lateral domains. The bile secreted by hepatocytes passes initially into bile canaliculi (0.5-1.5 |im), which are the intercellular canals (midway of lateral domains). So these bile canaliculi are simple spaces between adjoining liver cells and have no other lining epithelium. These canals anastomose with each other and pass to the periphery of hepatic lobules where these empty into short canals known as canals of Herlng Preductules/Cholangloles: The cholangioles are lined by simple cubical epithelium and drain in to bile ductules, which drain into bile ducts.

 The bile ductules and bile ducts are lined by simple cubical epithelium. The intrahepatic ducts (lined by simple columnar epithelium) by the union of bile ducts, the intrahepatic ducts lead to extrahepatic ducts which are lined by simple columnar epithelial surrounded by C.T. and smooth muscles. These unite to form the common bile duct, which is also lined by simple columnar epithelium surrounded by C.T. and smooth muscle cells. The C.T. contains tubule-alveolar mucous glands.



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